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AvP Expansion Products in the works?

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I recently got the new "AvP: The Hunt Begins" game, and really love it. I was wondering what future products you are working on for the line (besides the Colonial Marines Dropship).

Personally, I'd love to see a book detailing a a variety of scenarios developed by Prodos Games. Perhaps even some form of long-term Campaign Play for the game, as well.



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Dropship and APC some day might be cool. But afterwards... no further plans so far I guess.
I agree on the Mission. Some more detailed Objectives with more floor Tiles, other rooms and objects would be cool. Like a Missions add on

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It might also be interesting to see rules for a more "Open World" approach to the game (something similar to "Warhammer 40k" or "Dust: Warfare").

In this sort of game, vehicles like the APC and the Dropship would play a larger role in the game.

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I believe there was a free - table version of these rules in the works... my bad memory thinks it may have even started that way but got converted to squares to make it fall into a 'board game' category. There is also mention in the rules for a larger 'war' scale version of the game.

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