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AVP KS - STill not delivered after

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Dear at Prodos - this is the last call!

Since you're ignoring all E-Mail and messages sent, I make one last try:
- here
- by E-Mail
- by Kickstarter message
- by Prodos message form
- by

If you still ignore and don't reply - AND deliver within this week, I will give everything now to my lawyer
to set-up a lawsuit against you regarding my stuff!
You selling since month (years) the AVP stuff on your web-site and shops but still don't deliver to many Kickstarter backers,
like me!
I will stop that now! And believe me - now it will hurt you! (not only me, after more than two years!)

I will inform your trade and business partners as well that I will set-up a lawsuit against you and your business!
Starting this week with getting in contact with Merz-Verlag - the ESSEN SPIEL 2016 owner!
What will happen if the police is comming to your booth in Germany and stop your sales - in front of your partners and possible customers!
Will be interesting to see!

This is your last possibility to reply and deliver immediately all available stuff!

Looking forward to your reply.


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