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AvP Rules 2.0 VS 1.2

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So I finally got my AvP from the KS.
Reading the rulebook I saw that the one in the Box is version 1.2. But on prodos site is a rulebook 2.0 available.

My question, is there a big difference between both ? Or just some intergated FAQ , is there maybe a thread that lists all the changes in the 2.0 rulebook ?



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On the Facebook group most of the differences were listed out over a couple weeks or so... There is enough differences that 2.0 is actually playable and fun. There is some typos, but completely the rules you should use. I'm fairly sure the sale they had was to get rid of old stock so the new rules can be printed.
Enjoy the game, it rocks.

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Hi, thanks for the answer.

Meanwhile I found a good summary on bgg:

Verdict of it is, that 2.0 is a must have.

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Verdict of it is, that 2.0 is a must have.

It is. The game truly shines now.

Now we need 2.0 cards and the updated rulebook ;-)

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Hi there :)

Yes you should get 2.0

However, the office demon has meddled and a few errors happend. If you did not pring, please wait for a bit (just download and read), because there were some rules left out. We are going to issue 2.1 very very soon.

If you did download, there is no problem. Also very soon, there will be an additional .pdf that will only contain the errata of 2.0.

Also, the by now Trademarked soon will also bring you the corrected cards as a download. :)

Sorry for the delay :P I am multitasking like a madman :) I'll try to be more active to the forums :)

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