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Cloaked \semi-cloaked

fleetingjoy's picture

Howdy all.
Anyone try and paint their predators like they are cloaked? Or partially cloaked,like one are and some torso?
Would love some ideas, I'm not above hacking off a forearm to make the effect amazing.


Freefallrlc's picture

I didn't try. But if I had to try it i think I would partially cloaked paint white. Then very thin light blue wash. And a light blue dots around the edge to make some electric sparkling effect.

fleetingjoy's picture

I'm thinking of molding an arm in clear resin, and a wavy ripple effect over the shoulder and some torso similar to your description, and the rest painted normal....
Any thoughts?

Bogend's picture

There is meant to be a clear resin predator at some point. One of those semi painted would look awesome as a cloaking predator.

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