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Foam solutions?

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Howdy all.
I'm finally getting ready to paint all my prodos minis... and they look great, and I want to keep them that way.
For those of you that have already painted and play with these, how are you storing and transporting them?
I've been using hot water to change the tails and legs and what not, so I don't even have a "standard" shape for each kind of alien.
At my house it's not a big deal, I cleared off a book shelf and they can hang out there, but I'll probably play at a friends house or the game store most of the time, and need a safe way to transport them there and back. I used to have a battle foam bag for warmachine... but I think some of these guys arms and claws would not be safe enough in that kind of structure.
Any thoughts aor examples would be awesome :)


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aor = or

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If you are going a short distance, I use fishing tackle clear cases with felt cut to fix the spaces. These can be purchased at Walmart or Pro-bass shop and the like. I also use foam from figure packs the help keep figures from getting bounced around. There are many sizes and shapes, just take a look.

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I use magnetic tape and have superglued a small earth magnet to the base of each figure. The tape I have stuck to the bottom of an old cassette tape box. Holds them well enough as long as the box doesn't get jolted. Case wise
the games workshop one is good as well as battle foam, who if I remember rightly do a set specifically for AVP, and Kr are also good quality. Of choice I would take the games workshop new case. The foam is not stuck down along its whole length meaning you can tuck those bases under it. Have a look on line and you will see what I mean. However it is possibly the most expensive of the ones I have mentioned.

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thanks everyone :) hopefully I'll be posting pics soon, starting with my humans first.... get them out of the way lol

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For this Game I have decided I won't play if I am not @ home. Gluing the minis is hell ... the tails ... dudes the tails >_<

SO ... I will buy some beers and invite somes friends :)

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