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Full list of units and upgrades costs ?

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Hi, I was wondering if a list was available somewhere ?
I try to understand how much does a marine costs... with a pulse rifle ... or a medkit .. etc
Nobody has made yet a excel file ?

PS : i found some costs in the rule book and in the forum too ... but I ma looking for the definite costs approved by Prodos.


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OK I found what I was looking for but ... I am disappointed.
10 points for a marine ?
12-15 points for an alien ?
Aliens are supposed to cost less so you can launch swarms of them ...
In AVP the old video game, in order to play online with some balance, you had to choose :
4 Aliens for 2 Marines for 1 Predator.
Here ... it seems that Predator costs 55 points, Marine 10 and Alien ... 12 o_O

Sounds really wrong to me...

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It's not that bad.

Stalkers cost 6, infants cost 10, warriors cost 24.
If you want to take marines you need to take squads at 113pts for 5 guys. 100 pts give you 10 infants :).
Predators cost 63 minimum and they tend to make hell for others singlehandedly so 3 or more are overkill ;).

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WHat ? STalkers cost 6 ???
I think I don't use the latest rules !!! ?

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Rules 2.0 !!!
Thanks a lot dude :)

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No, use the download section for 2.0v of the rules :) theres a lot of difference.

No problem ;)

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Have the cards changed? If so, how?

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Not yet. You have to look up some rules changes in the rulebook.

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the stats have changed a lot with v2.0, you'll definitely want to update you existing cards with the new values.

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