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GateKeeper's Predator Army

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I posted my USMC army a few weeks ago and mentioned that I would post the rest of my stuff soon. Took me longer to get back to this than I had originally anticipated, but I'm here to do the second one this evening.

I'm still waiting on Miniatures Market for the rest of my egg clusters, then I'll share that as well.

For now, Predators:

13 Predators (The green Starter Predators I typically field as Soldiers)
6 Cloaked Predators (Not assembled)
9 Youngbloods
2 Female Predators
2 Trackers
4 Elders
6 Elite
10 Hellhounds
1 Machiko Noguchi
4 Special Edition Models (Use them sometimes for proxies for most anything.)
2 Gunships (NECA models, big ones on the side. I know they're too small, but they work as a proxy.)
2 Hunting Bikes (Customs. I actually showed how they are done here on these forums a while back.)
5 Predastore Predators. (Have used them as Trackers or standard Predators for a long time now)
7 Horrorclix Predators (Used the one wearing the cloak as a Battlemaster, and the rest as Elite before there was an official model for them.)


With the exception of the Berserkers, which I'd love to get my hands on about half a dozen of, and the possibility of adding a couple more Hunting Bikes to the mix, I have everything I want for this army.

I still need to get pictures of my Aliens, I've got a LOT of those. I have five more boxes of Egg Clusters coming that I've been holding off taking pictures for. Once those arrive, I'll start sitting out models and getting pictures.


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