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GateKeeper's USMC Army

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Since I finished putting together the last of my Marines last night, I figured I should get some pictures of everything together.

The army:
1 x Dropship
2 x APC
5 x Power Loader
1 x Colonial Marine Captain
3 x Colonial Marine Sergeant
4 x Crushed Aliens (The ones that came with the APCs)
2 x Synthetic Advisor
7 x Marine w/Smartgun
7 x Marine w/Flamer (One is the Female Marine they released recently)
8 x Marine w/Motion Tracker
21 x Marine w/Pulse Rifle
4 x Heavy Marine w/Minigun (Customs)
4 x Heavy Marine w/Rocket Launcher (Customs)
7 x Military Squad (Crew from the original Predator movie. Metal minis.)
1 x Weyland-Yutani Commander (Custom)
5 x WY Commandos w/Smartgun
5 x WY Commandos w/Flamer
15 x WY Commando w/Pulse Rifle
20 x Prisoner
10 x Sentry Gun
1 x Alexa Woods (Old Horrorclix model from their Alien vs Predator line. Used it as Machiko until that model came out.)
1 x Cat
1 x Rob Yourstand
1 x Machiko Noguchi

First image is everything, then after that I tried to get some closeups to show things off a little better.

I'm still trying to get my hands on a Dutch and Lynn figure, or at least a proxy for them. I'd also like to get my hands on another Marine Officer, maybe another batch or two of marines, a couple more APCs and another Dropship. Other than that, I have a few customs I'd like to make, but otherwise I think the army is about as big as it's going to get at this point unless I'm able to find other lore friendly models to add to the collection. (Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corp! is coming out soon. It looks like it will have a few models that will look great with the rest.)

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures. I'll try to post my Predators and Aliens soon.


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In light of this latest sale, I opted to order up some more items. In addition to the above, I've got Dutch and Lynn coming, a second Officer, two more sets of the Speed Bumps, and another Hot Landing box set which will add five more Prisoners and another synthetic. Also the "One Last Mission" model, but that doesn't look like it's an actual game piece, but a display piece instead.

Last night I created a custom miniature. I got my hands on some guns that can pass as the Pulse Rifle. With a set of five, I figure a couple can be used for bases or similar, but one I decided to use to create Jeri. I took a Alien Warrior, put a pulse rifle in one of it's hands (Had to take part of the trigger finger off so it would fit in the hand right), then drilled a tiny hole in it's mouth and slipped a short bit of wire into it (The stuff I use for pinning) that I'll be painting up as a cigar. Not sure when I'll get around to painting it, but when it happens I'll try to remember to post pictures.

No new predators coming, but got some more Aliens on the way. I still intend to get those pictured up in a new thread when the last of them arrive (Still waiting on a couple of items from Miniatures Market in addition to the items I just ordered up here).

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Very nice army!

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Thanks! Got a lot of stuff coming from their final sale, so the above army is going to grow a bit when all of that arrives. :D

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