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GateKeeper's USMC Army

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Since I finished putting together the last of my Marines last night, I figured I should get some pictures of everything together.

The army:
1 x Dropship
2 x APC
5 x Power Loader
1 x Colonial Marine Captain
3 x Colonial Marine Sergeant
4 x Crushed Aliens (The ones that came with the APCs)
2 x Synthetic Advisor
7 x Marine w/Smartgun
7 x Marine w/Flamer (One is the Female Marine they released recently)
8 x Marine w/Motion Tracker
21 x Marine w/Pulse Rifle
4 x Heavy Marine w/Minigun (Customs)
4 x Heavy Marine w/Rocket Launcher (Customs)
7 x Military Squad (Crew from the original Predator movie. Metal minis.)
1 x Weyland-Yutani Commander (Custom)
5 x WY Commandos w/Smartgun
5 x WY Commandos w/Flamer
15 x WY Commando w/Pulse Rifle
20 x Prisoner
10 x Sentry Gun
1 x Alexa Woods (Old Horrorclix model from their Alien vs Predator line. Used it as Machiko until that model came out.)
1 x Cat
1 x Rob Yourstand
1 x Machiko Noguchi

First image is everything, then after that I tried to get some closeups to show things off a little better.

I'm still trying to get my hands on a Dutch and Lynn figure, or at least a proxy for them. I'd also like to get my hands on another Marine Officer, maybe another batch or two of marines, a couple more APCs and another Dropship. Other than that, I have a few customs I'd like to make, but otherwise I think the army is about as big as it's going to get at this point unless I'm able to find other lore friendly models to add to the collection. (Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corp! is coming out soon. It looks like it will have a few models that will look great with the rest.)

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures. I'll try to post my Predators and Aliens soon.


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