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Heavy Troops (Customs)

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Since the game has been discontinued, I have been looking at possible options for fielding units that were never produced. Today I'll share a few of those.

I created four Minigun Heavy Support Marines, four Rocket Launcher Heavy Support Marines, and one Weyland-Yutani Commander.

I found a fairly cheap "Terminator Genisys: The Miniatures Game" box by River Horse games. These were all made using a mix of items from that box and some starter box Marines from Alien vs Predator: The Hunt Begins.

The WY Commander is the one on the big base in the back. So long as it's painted in a similar manner as the commandos, I think it will look pretty good with them.

The Rocket Launcher models are straight from the Terminator box, I shaved the pegs for the arms on a couple of them so I could angle the launchers down into a more idle position, but otherwise they are just stock models.

The Minigun minis were the only ones that took a little work. I found that the flamethrower models from the 2nd edition starter were perfect for this, Cut the weapon loose and cut the hands off at the wrists. Then cut the minigun the same way. The wrists almost line up like they were made to go together. The one I did with a smartgun wasn't going to be as good of a fit, so I actually did a full arm swap for that (Had to clip the top portion of the robotic shoulders so it would fit correctly under the shoulderpads. I figured it gave him a slightly cyborg quality that I liked.

In other news:
-I made up a group of five "Boilers" for the game. I haven't done any custom stats for them just yet, but I hope to do so eventually. If anyone is interested, I'll walk you through how I did them. Otherwise I'll just take a closeup when I get around to taking images of the army.

-I have most everything built now. Finished up the last of my Humans last night. I have to finish building my six cloaked predators and the either Hellhounds I started for the Predators army still. And for the Aliens, I ordered a couple of final items from Miniatures Market that are still coming but otherwise they're all built (Got egg clusters coming. Don't need to build them, just pull them out of the box and add them to everything else.)


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