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HQ Marines and Predators ... missing rules ?

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In rules 1.0 there was a chapter which tried to explain how to create a captain / major / colonel ... and some elders predators

This is missing in 2.0 so ... how do we create high ranked soldiers ? Or Predators ?

Which are the changes between a sergent and a colonel ?

Maybe i am dumb ... or something is missing.


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Page 54 has the marine force list creation rules... It lists the points for the hero / officer. Page 35 has their stats.

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Marine HQ have 2 special characters now, with unique statistics. The custom hero has different ranks and they have more wounds and better armor with every rank (3 to choose from) and they choose custom gear.

The Predators use Elder Predators, which have better stats and relic weapons (better ROA, STR etc) but cost more.

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You guys are talking about 2.0 rules aren't you ?
Because I do not see anywhere the "new rules" allowing us to create a Colonel for example...
71 points cost ... ok
Then choose a fire weapon and a Knife ... OK ...
What about stats ???

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again, stats are on pg35 per previous response :)

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I did not see the stats in the bottom on the page !!!
Feel sooooo stupid >_<

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