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Marine Faction Passive Skill List
-Normal Corridor p.9
-Half Infested Corridor p.9
-Team Tactics (P) p.18
-Auto-Sentry (P) p.33
-Dodge (P) p.33
-Electric Shock (P) p.33
-Guided Fire (P) p.33
-Gun Emplacement (P) p.33
-Heal (X) (P) p.33
-Medic! (P) p.33
-Perimeter Secured! (P) p.33
-Ping! (P) p.33

Marine Faction Unique Basic Actions
-Aim (A) p.22
-Burning Inferno (A) p.22/p.27
-Shotgun! (A) p.22/p.28
-Point Blank Shot (A) p.22/p.28

Marine Faction Unique Extended Actions
-Seal the Bulkhead (A) p.12
-Tactical Move (A) p.22
-Weld It Shut (A) p.22
-Grenade Launcher (A) p.22
-Rapid Fire (A) p.22

Marines Stat Lines p.35
Marines Weapons p.36
Marine Force List p.50
Make Your Own Hero p.52-53


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Alien Faction Passive Skill List
-Infested Corridor p.9
-Half Infested Corridor p.9
-Assisting in Force the Doors Open (P) p.12
-Ping! Token conversion to a model p.18
-Acid Damage Token p.20
-Facehug (P) p.29
-Climbing Claws (P) p.33
-Dodge (P) p.33
-Egg Injection (P) p.33
-Hive Bloodhouds (P) p.33
-Improved Dodge (P) p.33
-Improved Hide (P) p.33
-Resilient (P) p.34
-Royal Pheromones (P) p.34
-Tiny (P) p.34
-Unstoppable (P) p.34

Alien Faction Unique Basic Actions
-Force the Doors Open (A) p.12
-Hide (A) p.22
-Acid Spit (A) p.30

Alien Faction Unique Extended Actions
-Skulking Advance (A) p.24

Alien Stat Lines & Weapons p.37
Alien Force List p.50-51
Make Your Own Hero p.53-54

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Predator Faction Passive Skill List
-Seasoned Hunter (P) p.18
-Vocal Mimicry (P) p.18
-Charge! (P) p.34
-Hot Plasma (P) p.34
-Pack Hunt (P) p.34
-Self-Destruct Device (P) p.34

Predator Faction Unique Basic Actions
-Smart-Disk Throw (A) p.28
-Rage! p.34

Predator Faction Unque Extended Actions
-Field Wound Treatment p.24

Predator Stat Lines p.38
Predator Weapons p.38-39
Predator Force List p.51
Make Your Own Hero p.54-55

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Game Board
-Air Vent p.10
-Doors p.12
-Tile Occupation Rules p.19

Turn Sequence
-Initiative p.17
-Card & Tokens Refreshment Phase p.17
-Model Activation Phase p.17
-Victory Condition Check Phase p.17
-End of the Game Turn p.17

Ping! Tokens
-Hidden in Darkness p.4-5
-Ping! Token Reveal p.18

General Basic Actions
-Move (A) p.20
-Shooting Action (A) p.21
-Close Combat Action (A) p.21
-Pass Action (A) p.21
-Interact Action (A) p.21
-Sentry Action (A) p.21
-Disengaging from Engagement p.31

Genral Extended Actions
-Run (A) p.21

-Armour p.24-25
-Ranged Combat p.25-26
-Close Combat p.26
-Engagin by Displacing p.30

Campaign Missions
-Mission 1 p.40
-Mission 2 p.41
-Mission 3 p.42
-Mission 4 p.43
-Mission 5 p.44
-Mission 6 p.45
-Mission 7 p.46
-Mission 8 p.47
-Mission 9 p.48
-Mission 10 p.49

Advanced Game Rules
-Experience and LvL p.51
-Make Your Own Hero p.52-54
-Custom Victory Conditions p.55-56

Survival Arena Mode
-Settings p.56
-Maps p.57
-Small Map p.57
-Medium Map p.58
-Large Map p.58
-Horde Instinct p.59

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Nicely done! Thanks for sorting this out.

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We need it in the new rules and as PDF

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PDF Rules with a search function would be handy

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Oh this is friggin helpful, thanks! I need to print this ASAP :D, just needs some tweaking to the 2.0v I think.

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