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It's all in the Blood! 3 unique Blood paint styles

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Very simple thread for those wanting the blood to well fit rather than painting flat red or green on your miniatures.

These are my easy suggestions and reasons for:


Xenomorph Acid Blood - Citadel Technical paint Bugles Rot
In most of the film scenes and even figures with acid blood we are shown a gunky Green Brown colour and this is a perfect match with an effect to make it look liquid like built in.

Predator Blood - 50/50 Mix of Neon Green paint and Paint Mixing medium. Very simple Predator blood is runny as its mostly made up of the liquid from Glow sticks in the film's. This mixture gives you the same effect, the more Bright Neon green you can get the better.

Good old Human blood - Citadel Technical paint Blood for the Blood God
Let's face it using red paint for blood looks bad. This paint goes on the same as normal paint but is designed to actually look like blood. If you put it on a pallet and leave it for 30 seconds before painting on you get a more clotted gory effect.

Of course these are just my simple easy suggestions to help those wanting to add a good gore effect. Once ive got some good examples of my miniatures painted up with the blood effects on them add them here too.

- Lumberkack1988


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So many new paints; inks, Dry paints, effect paints...
Mine are all super old from the good old 90s haha
That extra blood paint sounds interesting. Should give it a try. True that with normal red blood always looks weird

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