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Lumberjacks Basic but effective paint guide for Xenomorphs

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Hey all,

First let me say what I'm offering is my guide on slightly above basic tabletop standard paint scheme that can be done quickly and in bulk.
If you want pro painted or just plain stunning I suggest you look at some of the other posts on here that are just wow.
But if your looking for a way to rush these guys out or like me get them ready for any later detailing without having sprayed boring Black Xenomorphs then please take a look.

First this example is using the AvP film Blue look but can be changed for different colour hues including Black. (Examples in end photo)

Very simply once the models where cleaned to take paint (a residue from what is used to pop them from the moulds can make it hard for paint to stick so give them a simple soak in warm soapy water).

I sprayed the Infants Matt Black then drybrush a grey that felt light enough to highlight the model but not to much.
I used a slightly lighter grey on the front of the dome to bring the detail out in the next phase.
Now the messy bit cover the whole thing in Blue tone ink.
Once dry I picked out the teeth and claws in bright silver/chrome and the a 50/50 mix of Gun metal silver and medium was put over some of the pipe like bits on the infant. I put Nuln Oil shade over this to keep the detail after.
Now to complete the dome effect put a layer of Water effect (Gloss paint will also work) on the dome. I also out some around the mouth and on any bits I wanted to have a slimy look to them.

That's it you are done! These can be used as they are or you can add to them things like drool, victims blood on the Claws or even Acid Blood injury's to themselves.

Here is an example of the same technique being used for Black, Brown and Yellow next to the Blue Infant.
The Royal Guard had Nuln Oil (Black Ink) Instead of Blue for the classic look.
The Stalker went through the same process just Dark Brown base, Lighter Brown drybrush and a Brown tone Ink wash.
The K-Series Infant (Alien Vs Predator Extinction) was Skeleton Bone base with a Yellow Glaze and Brown tone Ink wash. He also has some Nurgle Rot on his wounds for Acid Blood.

I'll be doing the same with a Green wash on the Warriors for a 4th Alien look. This helps keep an overall theme with slight tone changes to easily pick out different types of Aliens when playing.

I hope this helps those wanting to get through the tide of Xenomorphs (to the more time consuming Marines and Predators).

- Lumberjack1988


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very cool cant wait to try for mine

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