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News update for AvP Kickstarter backers

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Received this via e-mail from Prodos, so thought I'd repost here :

10th of April 2017
We got some news for our Kickstarter backers!

Salute 2017 Collection
Later this month, in Excel, London, is Salute 2017 tradeshow. Prodos Games is attending it and we are located at booth TD30. If you are visiting the show, you can collect your AvP Pledge there! All you have to to is send us an e-mail with your order and bring some form of ID with you with your ks pledge detail. And that's it. You will be able to pick up part of your pledge there! To collect your pledge please send us an e-mail: so we know what stock to bring with us.

Cloaked Predators are coming!
These are now in production and on their way to us from China. By the end of the May we are expecting them to arrive and right after that we will be shipping them to our backers. You can see picture of actual components below:


Exchange Program
We know that some of you have been waiting a while for pieces and we don't yet have a timeframe in place for some of the outstanding parts so we have put in place an Exchange program,so you can exchange any of outstanding items (the ones we don't have yet in stock: Alternative Marines, Heads and pieces, Resin terrain, Clear preds of all variants) for any other items in stock of the same value. If you wish to participate in Exchange Program, please send us an e-mail:

Good to have a schedule on the clear preds (I guess we'll see in June how accurate it is!!!), but quite worrying that nothing is said about the rest, especially with this exchange program announcement. Seems like a tacit admission that the rest won't be produced for quite some time, if at all.

I did pledge for the alternate pose marines, and am extremely sceptical that Prodos will ever put any effort into making them, considering the 2nd edition marines are such a different size. Why would they bother making new product that isn't compatible wth the game they're selling?

I think once Prodos do get the clear preds from China, I'll just have to switch out the alternate poses and accept having duplicate marines.


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Maybe...I would hold out if it was me for the alt marines (depending on current gaming needs, but I dont really "need" more marines at present). After seeing the new ones on bases next to the old ones the new smart gun marine is the only one that looks noticeably smaller.

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It's impossible to make an informed decision, since there's no mention of an ETA on the alternate marines. I'd rather have the matter settled than submit to an indefinite wait though. Or at the very least remove an excuse for Prodos' continued non-delivery of my Kickstarter pledge.

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