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Predators Size comparison Blooded/Berserker/Female/Young

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Hi all,

Just a helpful picture to show you the size difference between the Berserker/Super Predator, Blooded Predator, Young Blood Predator and the Female Predator miniatures. Also a few tips to make them stand out from each other more.
All are put on 40mm bases.

As you can see there is a slight difference in size the Berserker is in a slightly squat position and does look bulkier.

Boil some water and dip in the miniatures to repose their legs, very simple but it can add a little more in visual size. I will do this myself and straighten up the Berserker and squat down the Young Bloods.

The second way to help make them stand apart is of course paint styles, the Berserker already has a different colour scheme so for the Young Bloods make their armour more basic paint scheme wise to you other Predators and add a little blood or injury as these guys are not the seasoned hunters the rest of your Clan are.

Hope this helps.



PredatorYoungBlood's picture

hey when did you get the female pred? im still waiting on mine from the kickstarter

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Came through when my pledge was sent also have Dutch. I think they are trying to get to everyone waiting on wave 1 still before getting the extras sent out. As I had nothing I got all signed off sent to me.


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Could you show us a picture about Dutch's stat card and his special skills?

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I would love to have a Linn. But I think she hasn't been produced yet at all and there is only a prototype

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Off topic if I remember I'll do a separate post on Dutch including his Stats. As for Linn she was too Street fighter looking to me so I passed on getting her.

On topic forgot to mention the Young Bloods are carrying some puppy weight they are not the toned muscled brutes like the Blooded Predators, I'm not sure if I like this as doesn't help make the Blooded stand out as a cut above but at least it keeps the AvP film look I guess.


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I am interested and seeing these characters. I don't see any of them in the shop? I've seen the characters in the 2nd edition booklet but not in the shop?

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I think a lot of these models were exclusive to the kickstarter. If you really want to see them, you can occasionally find some of them on ebay.

Hopefully they will release those items to the rest of us, or some variant of them, at some point in the future.

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Thank you, Gatekeeper. I found a berserker on eBay.

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Glad I could be of service. I know I've been eyeing the Dutch and Linn models for a while (Loved the old AvP Arcade game, God only knows how many quarters I shoved in that machine as a kid.) but cant quite convince myself to pay that much for them.

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I feel the same way. But, I came to realize we only live once. Time is the most precious thing we have. So I spend a little too much on the things most people may not. Maybe we may find an awesome deal. Happy hunting.

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Very true. Maybe once I've filled out the rest of my army, I'll go looking for them if they haven't been released to the general customer.

I'll keep looking, every once in a while, you find an incredible deal on ebay. I'll keep watching for cheap copies in the meantime. Until then, I'll keep using my old rebased Horrorclix Predators to fill in the gaps in my army,

One of these days, I'll have to shoot a few pictures of my armies to show them off. Just have to finish building everything first.

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