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prodos exchange scheme

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Has anyone received any luck/response in regard to the kickstarter exchange scheme that was announced a month and half ago. I sent an email on 16/04/2017 - no response. I followed up on 02/05/2015. again no response.

I`ve tried to keep the faith with Prodos about the AVP kickstarter, held out hope that all would be resolved even though I was told by a member of Prodos at Salute 2015 that it would only be another month or 2. This never happened. I did finally receive part of my pledge about a year later.
This yet again feels like there has been yet another offer made to the backers that again is not being fulfilled.

I don't want to sound like I'm whining, will point out that I have never posted any complaints but I would just like an answer.
if anyone is aware of an email address that actually gets a response, could please let me know


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I have tried to ask questions. Got one reply that did not answer anything. Tried to do an exchange and have heard nothing. Chased and still nothing.

You are not alone.

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There's an exchange offered? I thought they've just kept the money.

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There's an exchange offered? I thought they've just kept the money.

Yeah - it was in the latest KS backers e-mail - are you not receiving these?

Anyway, I did post it up here (also contains the e-mail address to use) :

Note the expected receipt of clear preds by the end of May - place your bets now gents!

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No, I don't receive notifications. I'm "Pre-order scum" and missed the KS but managed to get in on the pre-order (so no backer notifications) with the same pledge levels and everything (except notifications).

Everything, including the grief.

Rules have updated and I still don't have the initial wargame rules that were supposed to be shipped with the original game. Cards and characters have been updated and I'm being told by a Prodos representative (via FACEBOOK, of all things) that they offer an exchange and I can buy the things that were promised at the start.

I also cannot get anyone to address the fact that the sergeants are about a head shorter that the rest of the marines and on a different scale entirely. I get "they're special units with their own purpose." I know. It's why I bought them: to marshal my squad into fighting shape and keep them in line, not stand beside them like cigar-smoking teenagers who are trying to fit in with the "cool kids."

And this nonsense about a whole second edition of the rules with new figures cast in single pieces? I didn't pay for that!

Where are our multi-pose marines and our cloaked predators? Heck, where are my wargame rules that I was supposed to get in January of 2015?

Maybe spamming the exchange address will get some kind of reply besides "buy more, get less."

Also, finally replying to this thread because a bump might raise awareness that Prodos still aren't delivering.

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