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Rules 2.0 means all ref cards are wrong so... ?

Warker's picture

Looking at the 2.0 rules, I realize that all cards are wrong :

- big changes on all aliens (tails...)
- Combat Knife is now + 0 ST
- Big change on all plasma canons

Did Prodos annonced something about that ? New cards ? Stickers ?




mariettabrit's picture

yeah I went through all mine and updated with stickers.
I like the new format for weapon strengths, makes more sense. Ballistic weapons have a set STR, weapons give a modifier to base STR of creature. So Combat knife is still an effective STR9 for marines even though listed as +0 STR

Warker's picture

Okayyyy so we still apply a -1 to opponent armor ?

mariettabrit's picture

technically +1 to opponents armour right? every point below str10 is a bonus to armour

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