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Spunkmeyer get in here we're rolling…

HerrUther's picture

Hi all

So I've tried my best and this is the result… my express elevator to hell!

[url= 1[/url]

[url= 2[/url]

[url= 3[/url]

Not the best pictures or pj but I'm happy with it and thought I'd share. Decals are from [url=]JBot[/url], reasonable price and look amazing… only have to mess about with the large decal ontop of the fuselage.

Hope you all like


Nickienogger's picture

woah dudde!!! well done! super awesome and love the lights installed! more pictures about how u did the lights please!

very inspiring thanks for sharing!

HerrUther's picture

Thanks for the kind words

I didn't take any pictures of the installation of the lights but I will take a few pictures of what I've done and try to explain it when I get a day off

Mordiggian's picture

Your dropship looks great! I just ordered mine and was thinking of ordering those decals. I'm assuming you used the 1/48 full set from JBot? How close was the scale? You mentioned having to mess with the large one on top, and I noticed the shape is different. Did you have to do a lot re-working to make them fit? How was the quality of the JBot decals?

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