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Prodos has got the ultimative Spam Filter

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Hello everybody!

I have tried to register here serveral times with different e-mail addresses, but I have never got the reply e-mail to set my password to login. So for all the guys out there, which can only read, but not write here: Try to register again with another e-mail addy until you get the mails! In my case gmx does not work!
Hopefully Prodos will fix that problem. I am sure I am not the only one!!

All the best,


Niart's picture

honestly, these forums are worthless anyways. not only is the layout pretty shit and there's not even a proper overview over what's in the forums, noone from prodos is actually active here. of course not being able to register doesn't help with the activity here either.

you're probably better off checking out the facebook fan-pages for AvP and Warzone, which isn't really much better because come on, facebook? but at least there's an active community there and some of the people working for prodos actually make posts sometimes.

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