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I know this has been asked before. However I also believe that there have been no answers. Its says in the AVP Rule Book 2.0 page 54 'see' for the rule. I cant find them. Do they exist?


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Its referring to the wargames rules which as of yet haven't appeared. They were due 60 days after the WZR2 rules were out, but have been delayed.

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Fair enough. Will just have to wait then I guess

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I got an email dated january 9th from prodos containing a link to the WIP PDF file for AVP unleashed rules

The next piece of news is that the Beta rules for AVP: UNLEASHED will be released on 15th Feb. We understand that some of you feel that THB rules were rushed out and therefore we’re giving YOU the opportunity to have your say on the rules before they go to print. The playtest team have been hard at the rules and I believe they’ve had 7 if not 8 different versions of the various forces so that they feel that the forces are just right for deployment. I look forward to seeing the comments on these lists as having played them myself they certainly compare well with the other forces in Warzone. Here’s a little preview of the rules:

Its alot of rules and it looks like AVP board game rules + AP based system like malifaux / warmachine

These rules should have been better publicised to the community but the Prodos management team is in shambles so they really should work harder ./ our community ahve to work on it ourselves

let the community know what u think fo the rules!

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The link rules are dated I believe October, So I would hope that some work has been done to them since that date. So just be aware before posting feedback. Middle of Feb will be the beta.

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