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AAR: Cybertronic vs. Capitol 400 Pts

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Another small 400 point demo battle. This time the forces of capitol are defending a small outpost from a Cybertronic force attacking from the cover of Jungle.

The Armies are as follows

Big Bob Watts
Light Infantry x 6, Medic upgrade
Purple Sharks x 2

Chassuer x 5, LMG x 1, Missile Launcher x 1
Attila x 1 LMG

Capitol won initiative and set up hidden behind a building, cybertronic responded by setting up in the cover of the jungle.

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Turn 1
To be honest not much happened here, a lot of movement and getting into position. It's a little tough to tell but most of the cybertronic forces are hidden in the jungle.

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Turn 2
The fireworks started with capitol winning initiative.
- The Purple Sharks Move up and unload on the Attila doing 2 wounds
- Evassuer activates and powerblinks into position to unload on the Sharks doing 1 SP to one's rider and a SP to the others Engine.
- The light infantry activate and run into better position with the odd one taking a potshot with burned resources and missing their target.
- Attilla activates and lines up the sharks blowing one up and peppering the other one with SP damage, but it still operational.
- Big Bob fired up the barrels of his atlas cannon and erased the Attila from existence.
- Tha chassuers activate move into better possition and open up on the bikes and Big Bob, but between bad rolls and good armour saves they accomplish nothing.

IMAGE([/url] [url=]pc screenshot[/url]' alt='IMAGE([url=]IMAGE([/url] [url=]pc screenshot[/url])' />

Turn 3
Capitol with the initiative again
- The wounded shark activates and drives through the cybertronic lines launching grenades. The grenades proved to be full of jellybeans and accomplish nothing.
- Evassuer then unloads on the squad of light infantry, when the plasma dust settles one light infantry is down for the count.
- Big Bob cries for blood and wounds the Evassuer twice.
- The Chassuers respond with a wave of destruction. They powershot big bob and a light infantry, and the rocket downs the last shark.
- The light infantry activate and powershot the evassuer, 1's are flowing like water.

IMAGE([/url] [url=]image hosting 15mb[/url]' alt='IMAGE([url=]IMAGE([/url] [url=]image hosting 15mb[/url])' />

Turn 4
I forgot to snag a photo for this turn, but it was defiantly a bloody one. Cybertronic finally decides to win an initiative.
- The Evassuer powerblinks and unloads into the light infantry killing 2 and pinning them, he then dies to feedback from powerblinking.
- Big Bob fire up his atlas and kills 2 chassuer.
- The chassuer respond by placing a rocket into Big Bob's face finishing him off.
- The last light infantry regroups and picks off the missile launcher.

Turn 5 ends in a draw with one light infantry and one chassuer both hiding from LOS of each other.

IMAGE([/url] [url=]image posting[/url]' alt='IMAGE([url=]IMAGE([/url] [url=]image posting[/url])' />

A great battle, everything died which is the sign of a fun game in my opinion.


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Good report. your going to love the new rules for both Cybertronic and Capitol!

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Thanks Raven,

I haven't gotten to test the beta rules yet, but I am looking forward to the changes. The game needed a streamlining. Any hints as to whats in the pipe for Capitol. I'm quite curious to see how they turn out.

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