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Army Roster Sheet (Fillable)

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Hey to all. I wanted to share my creation here. I created a fill-able PDF file for the Army Roster Sheet (3 Sheets).

This can be used for both Warzone and AVP: THB when it goes table top.

Below is the link to it.. If any mistakes apologize now. Just let me know and I will fix it.. Download and use and share with all


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Good work and useful stuff, but I'm having trouble selecting numbers in the dropdowns for the unit stats.

Also, while I understand that with the font used in the rulebook it could easily be confused with an A, the first stat for the weapons should be R as in "Range".

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I know, really bad font choice, but back ground is a picture of the Sheet from the manual. Can't edit that, but I'll see if there is something i can do.

Hmm. I've tried selecting multiple numbers from the drops downs and they all select fine. I've tried this on two seperate computers and using Adobe and FoxIt. I did find that on some I put the Blank on the bottom of the list so if you are using the arrow keys you have to push up instead of down.. Will get that fixed shortly.

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