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Bauhaus and Dark legion

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I was a warzone player back in the 90s, and have been trying to drum up a bit of enthusiasm down here for the latest edition of the game. To that end I have put together two forces, dark legion, and bauhaus. I got a starter, and a few extras for each faction. Enough to make a roughly 500 point army for each. Handy sized forces for demo games. I've not done the bases yet I'm afraid.

I'm not a big fan of the white armor look, so for my bauhaus I went for a darker colour scheme.



And for the legion I more or less took inspiration from the old 1st ed rulebook.



These pics are a bit out of date now. The legion force is now up to around a thousand points, and the bauhaus force is getting there. Still on the fence on how to base them. I'm leaning towards rocks/debris, and static grass. I know, not the most original, but I'm more interested in something that blends well with my gaming table. Once that's done I'll take some new photos.


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Those look awesome. Good job man.

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