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Beta rules free slash.

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Not sure if this is the right forum for this but here we go.

In the beta rules I have some questions in regards to free slash. It states that if a model moves through the CCWR of an enemy model, the enemy model may perform a free slash.

Does "moving through" mean entering and then leaving the CCWR? If so a model can therefore enter the CCWR of a previously unengaged enemy model and then stop without receiving a free slash, and any model that enters the CCWR of an enemy model and stops couldn't be the subject of counter charge because that also states that you must "pass through".
The other options are that it means just entering, just leaving, or any moving within the CCWR.
Does a model that is in CCWR of a number of enemy models, only one of which has no other enemy models in its CCWR, does it receive a free slash from that one enemy model or all of them? I read it that it is all of them.
Lastly, if I disengages from an enemy model that has another one of my models within its CCWR and pass through the CCWR of another enemy model the rule reads that it is the model I disengaged from that gets a free slash as well as the unengaged one, am I reading that correctly?

I am probably over thinking it but want to be sure I get it right?


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