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Capitol special forces

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Good afternoon everyone, as this is my first post here I would like to thank everyone that has brought me 20 years back to my first painted miniatures.

I start straight on with some questions:
-I am not able to find the rules for Martian Banshee linebreakers. Are they on a new version of the core manual? On some add on? On the cards only?
-Am I the only to think that Free Marines are a lot more convenient than Sea Lions? I understand that Sea Lions are more of a stealth unit but maybe they would need something like a sniper add-on to make them more interesting?


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The line breakers are under the Martian banshee section in the Capitol forces book. They are essential a squad weapon swap.

As for free marines and sealions, free marines are more of a front line troop while the sea lions sit back with 28" range strength 13 guns with their sniper special rule picking off troops.

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Ok, I think that the problem is that I have received a rulebook which is not version 1.6 but a previous one...XD

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