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Cautiously returning...How do I get started?

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I see that a new edition of the rules are out. I tried to get the game started within my circle of friends a year or so back- due to The extensive errata and quality issues with cards and the book becoming invalid with all the rules fixes and errata- the need to buy new stat cards etc... The game crashed. My question is this:
If I wanted to get back into the game- what would I need? Are cards current within starters? If I buy back into the game- am I going to need some " update deck" or some B's right out the gate? Are the rules straightened out? Will the book/ rules be valid long enough for me to demo before a " new edition" will be out? It was a steep price point for our area for the HC book/starters just to be told a week later that all the stuff that you need to play the game needs to be bought over again. I don't want to be screwed again or look like some A hole for convincing my friends to buy into a money pit.


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For advanced games you need to get the new deck. That's the only new thing you need to come back, provided you have the models and don't want to stay with the basic version of the game. Old cards are obsolete, now we have the same deck for all factions (each card has two two ways to be played, mostly it's one available for all factions and one available for only one faction).

Yes, the rules are straightened out. Not 100% perfect, but I've seen no wargame with perfect rules clarity. I'd say the current WZR rules are no worse than anything else in the market (probably better than most). It's worth noticing that the authors keep axplaining the rules of FB and here on the forum so you can get in touch with them.

Rules are available for download for free just like before. If you want a printed copy and don't want to invest in HC, there's a smaller and chaper "core protocols" SC version (just the rules, no fluff).

So my recommendation is: download the new rules, try them with the models you've already got and then decide if it's worth investing. Personally I think it's an enjoyable experience, not 100% perfect, but good enough to spend some time and money on it.

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Ok- so when I see what looks like new starters and products - what are the cards they list? Where do I get the resource cards?
I was so displeased with how things were handled I sold all my stuff so I'd be rebuying everything. So all I'd need to do is re-buy a starter and a leader/character?

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I haven't seen any starters with updated cards so I'd assume that the starters include old cards (statcatds and some resources) or none at all. Not that the resources can become obsolete - you can use anything as resources (I've seen people use dice, old Doomptrooper CCG cards etc) so old versions of resources will be just as good as the new ones.

Each starter already includes character(s) so you don't need anything else to play a small game.

For advanced games you'd need the combat deck:

But as the name says it's for advanced games so I'm not sure if it would be a good choice for games with just starters. Better get more units first.

Prodos have also announced two 2-player sets to be released withn the next 3-5 months but they've had delays in the past so you'll be waiting for them at your own risk.

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