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CTC is back

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I've just noticed that the CTC magazine is back and thought I'd put a link to it on this forum:

That's great news as I really didn't expect to see any conclusion to the Mariner Mountains Campaign, good to know they didn't abandon it. The whole issue was interesting too read too.


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Glad you liked it!

Worked hard to get it out! Hope you liked the new lay-out. We're presently working to determine the way forward.

Also, we're alway open to new content. We're here to build the community! Feel free to contact us if you have any comments, suggestions or information that you'd like to share.


Alexandre Dupuis
CTC Magazine

Assur's picture

Yes, the new layout is nice. I never complained on the old one, but the new one is an improvement. I also like the idea of combining different games in CTC - WZR, MC RPG, Siege of the Citadel.

As for suggestions about content, I'd be happy to see the Traveller's Guide completed, WZR battle reports are also always welcome.

Edit: erratas and faqs would also make useful content.

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Yeah, really glad to see the return of CTC! I hope to contribute in some way in the future. Strategy articles and battle reports are always welcome, as are reports from actual tournaments and events.

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Thank you Assur and dunkelbrink for your interest in our magazine. Glad that you like the new look and mission. We have big plans for the magazine. We're planning a communication this week for the way forward and the following number.

You're welcomed to send us your ideas or content for the magazine at
Or reach reach us directly on facebook!

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