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Cybertronic: Can characters take enhancements?

andyakins's picture

I confess I'm confused.

Can characters (Like the Immortal, or Dr. Diana) take enhancements?

At first I thought no, because the rule states "Any Cybertronic non-vehicle squad...", the operative word being squad...

...but then there is a bunch of stuff about "Any character attached to a squad can take di erent enhancements than the squad..." and "Custom characters who purchased..." and it implies that some characters can...

I know Dick Howkins has his ability that he take take two for free... but what about the rest?


-- Andy


Assur's picture

Yes, they can. Characters are also considered squads.

First sentence in the Squad rules (page 14 of the PDF):

A ‘squad’ can consist of one model, such as a character, or a number of models.

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