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DiStudios Bauhaus Minis

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This year, I decided to re-boot my Warzone Bauhaus collection. I originally backed and purchased the full Bauhaus collection during the KS some years ago, but had gotten rid of them.

This new Bauhaus collection will be accompanied by my 2nd Edition Bauhaus vehicle collection, which includes 2 original Grizzly tanks.

So to start things off, I have decided to share my recently completed Corporate Agents with Iron Mastiffs.


Close up pictures of each figure can be found here on my humble blog: [url= The Eighth! Blog[/url]


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Mule Armoured Carrier Finished


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The Mule looks great. Looking formward to seeing more of your painted models.

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Thanks, I will be aiming to paint more of my Bauhaus collection for summer, will be sure to share here :-)

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