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How do I assemble Barracudas?

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Hey guys,

was just wondering - how do I assemble barracudas the best? Models in themselves aren't that hard (tad irritating with all the molds but dunno if it's not the material) but I have no idea how to put them on those transparent thingies. And then on bases.

2 Barracudas I just glued to the thing and then to the base. I think it will suck but couln't find a better way.

3rd one I just pinned, because it just wouldn't stick.

I have no experience with flying models whatsoever. I clipped the ending on the transparent thingies thinking they would only get in the way.

Overall the models look poorly (when assembled by me - in themselves they are great). Is it always the case that there's no plain point to glue the models to the supporting piece, or is it an error in design when it comes to barracudas?



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