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Jarek shares some changes for 2.0

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Jarek has shared some of the early rule changes for 2.0! Obviously these might not be final and as he is not writing the new rules set he may have left out some things.

What does everyone think?


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Thanks for posting this BHBlitzer. Where'd you find it? It looks like a streamlining, which is a good thing. Some thoughts I have on various points.

- Armour change, not really needed IMO but fundamentally doesn't change anything, maybe it's quicker in peoples head.
- Removal of base size special actions. Considering no one ever used them and in fact i think most people just plain forgot about them, so no real loss there.
- Vehicles stated as infantry I'm not a fan of, the current system design wise allows you to create weapons which are only good against vehicles, and not infantry quite easily, or vise versa. But for the sake of simplifying I can understand it.
- I'm intrigued to see how DEF works, personally i was pleased that the game wasn't slowed down by melee, so hopefully that doesn't occur.
- Removal of squad special actions I'm a little sad about, maybe I'm the only guy that used them, but I did, I found them a useful tool for basic infantry to tackle bigger things.
- Changing terrain modifiers and cover to one type I love, no more discussion about what kind of terrain a tree is, I wish more games viewed terrain as simple.
- Removal of ammo type and armour modifiers I love, it's a nitpicky thing that doesn't have a place in Warzone's scale IMHO.
- Free pivot action... BOOURNS. I'd rather reward clever movement to get into rear arcs and punish the out maneuvered party but that's just me.

For the most part it looks like a lot of simplifying and that's what the game needed, so it's looking promising.

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Thanks for posting this BHBlitzer. Where'd you find it?

Assur is correct, this information was originally posted by Jarek in the Warzone facebook group ( It seems the most up to date info is posted there and as well as that community just being more active. I try to cross post what I can on these forums and the subreddit.

Also the speculative release date is September.

I think it should also be noted that Jarek may have gotten some of these things wrong and that some of these things will likely change by the time September rolls around.

I am excited to see the new deployment methods and hope that the restrictions on Rapid Deployment and Infiltration did not nerf them too much, but I believe a nerf was needed.

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He found it on FB.

In general the changes seem good. I do have doubts about some of them (I don't think the removal of AV/AVV was needed or the removal of ALL squad actions and special CC actions), but I guess everyone will have similiar feelings.

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There's a lot of discussion on the facebook page about the suggested changes. Here's my take on the proposed changes

Changes to base size rules for a generic Size stat:
For my part, I find that dropping base distinction for a general stat for size is a big change to the game. I wonder how it will be implemented. I'm guessing the bigger the size the easier you'll be to target... Wonder if your model will get bonus for the type of base they'll be on.

Dropping Warlord and Lords for "Heroes":
Also dropping Warlord and Lords for a more generic "hero" term is a good move. I always felt that these terms a bit odd and better instated into a fantasy or historical setting. Wonder if they'll fix the problem of warlord hunting to kill off resources.

Changes to cards mechanics
Changes in cards is also a good move but one that will piss off a lot of people who've bought the Megadeck and might feel cheated by the changes. . Having a different stack of cards for each faction with their own text and images most of cost a lot to revise and maintain. Balance was an issue with lots of them also (Imperial Turrets someone?). Honestly, Prodos being a model manufacturer, they have better things to do then create and maintain a card game. What I hope to see is rules for each faction that change how the generic deck works in-game. This would add a lot of fluff and flavour into the game.

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I'm also interested to see how the Heroes change will affect army composition. I wasn't a terribly big fan of the original force organization charts because I felt they were too much like 40k. I also didn't like that only troops generated resources pretty much forcing you to maximize your troop choices.

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