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Rules Questions

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Hey everyone, recently played our first game of WZR 2.0, and there's a bunch of things we aren't quite clear on.

I can only recall one right now, however:

Pivoting & Movement. How do non-vehicles do it? No matter how hard I try, no matter how hard I ctrl+f "pivot" in the rules pdf, I can't quite get an answer.

Can infantry move in any direction? Or just forward? In a straight line or can they turn? But they will end up with their original facing? Can they only pivot at the beginning of their activation?

The rules only list the 0 AP "free pivot at activation" action, no other mention of turning/pivoting for non-vehicles. However, the quick chart has a pivot action under 0 AP actions, no restrictions/qualifications. But you cannot use the same action twice.

So do they get one free pivot at the beginning of their activation, and then another 0 AP pivot during their move? Unlimited pivots at any time? Or just one pivot at the beginning, but they can move in a zig zag pattern but simply cannot pivot? Or just in a straight line?


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You can pivot as much as you want during walk/run/charge actions. It's been already answered on this forum:

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