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Small demo battle

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Had a small 400 point demo battle between the Dark Legion and Cybertronic.

The mission was simple King of the hill to hold a building in the middle of the board.

The force were as follows

Chasuers x 5 with rocket launcher, and 1 Rail gun
Attila with Hmg

Dark legions
Unread Legionaires x 5 with 2 lmg and necro squad leader
Razide with Hmg

Cybertronic set up first in a straight line across the front of their deployment zone. The Legion then set up with the Legionaires in cover on the west flank, the Razide in cover in the middle, and Alakhai on the east hidden.

First turn saw the chassuers running forward to get into position behind heavy cover, then the Razide activating moving forward killing a chassuers. The Attila then ran forward into a better position. Alakhai then tan forward keeping into cover. The Evassuer then ran forward into a hiding spot. Finally the Legionaires moved forward and with their firepower wound the Attila twice.

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Turn 2 The Razide finishes the Attila off. The chassuers activate and kill a few Legionaires and the Razide with some excellent rolls, while moving into better cover. The Evassuer pulls back and enters sentry. Then Alakhai moves forward triggering the sentry. One flame template later and Alakhai still fresh. The Legionaires move forward and kill a couple chassuers.

IMAGE([/url] [url=]screen shot on windows[/url]' alt='IMAGE([url=]IMAGE([/url] [url=]screen shot on windows[/url])' />

Turn 3 the Evassuer flames and power blinks away, but Alakhai is still good to go. Alakhai the engages the Evassuer doing a couple wounds. The chassuers then try to shoot Alakhai in the combat and manage to hit, however Alakhai makes all of his saves. At this point the Cybertronic player calls it a game because he doesn't see much hope.

IMAGE([/url] [url=]upload image[/url]' alt='IMAGE([url=]IMAGE([/url] [url=]upload image[/url])' />

It was fun, a good demo game that got in many aspects of the game. Alakhai is a bit of a beast if left unchecked, but it was my opponents second game and we're all still learning.


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Sounds like a fun skirmish!

I'll have to try something similar this summer!

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