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Two questions about rules

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Hello everyone!

I have two questions:

#1. Vehicle ability to shoot ranged weapons while engaged by a trooper/LV/HV/etc...

We have a confusion with rules. In the "Section 16" of the rulesbook, where vehicles' rules are described, under the subsection "Vehicle shooting actions" we have the choice of two possible actions, "Fire" and "Torrent of Fire". Descriptions of both actions contain the line "... following the rules in the ranged combat section". So, in other words, shooting actions of vehicles follows the basic shooting rules, right?

OK, next we should address the section 11, "Ranged Combat". Right at the end of the second paragraph of this section we can see the line "Engaged models may not perform shooting actions". As simple as that, without any exceptions, right?

So, would it be the true that we can have a Tank, a Light or Heavy Vehicle of sizes... I don't know... let's say of size "2+" -- being engaged by a size[0] trooper/warrior model and this will disable our tank/vehicle/walker to make any ranged attacks? I'd like to know if I'm possibly missing some additional vehicles' related rules regarding this situation or everything is OK here and this is all planned as that?

#2. Advanced rules and Megadeck.

My second question is about the section named "Card utilization". There is the line "Every card has two effects. All abilities have a faction symbol attached to them, showing which faction may use the effect."

What about the abilities marked with the "Cartel" faction logo? Who and when can use them? What are the restriction and/or allowance conditions for using them? What if I draw the card with my faction logo on one half of the card and with the "Cartel" logo on the other one? Which of the two abilities/effects am I allowed to use?

Thank you in advance!


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#1 You got it right. However, if a model has greater size (by 2 or more than the enemy it is engaged with) it isn't limited to 1 action point when activated so it can move away first (or kill the opponent in CC) and then shoot with the remaining action.

#2 Cartel symbol means that any faction can use the effect described under this symbol. If you can use effects described on both sides of the card, you choose one.

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