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Viral Intelligence, Base Contact, and napalm

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Hey all,

First post here, so be kind. I didn't see an answer to this anywhere, so here we go.

Last night we encountered this situation.

My army commander had made contact with and identified an objective marker as his secondary objective for Viral Intelligence. The following turn, my opponent, playing Capitol, dropped a wall of napalm on top of me.

The way we've been playing napalm strike is that, because it's impassible terrain, any models caught under the 30mm corridor (which I've made an awesome template for) who survive the strike, are moved in the path of least resistance out of contact with the wall. Is this the right way to do this? Or, does the model just get "stuck" in the wall for the turn?

The napalm strike wound up pushing my model out of base contact with the objective. The beginning of the next turn, when the napalm goes away, would I have needed to make base contact with the marker again, and wait an additional turn to claim it? That was how we played it, but I thought I'd see if anyone had a different opinion.



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Personally I'd treat the models as "stuck" in the wall (RAW models cannot move through impassable terrain).

That said, I don't think there's a direct solution in the rules, so the way you solved it also seems acceptable.

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I think you may be right Assur. I just re-read the rules for Napalm as well as Impassible Terrain. Where impassible terrain says models cannot be deployed in, or move through, the terrain leads me to believe that any models hit, would just be trapped in the wall of Napalm until the wall disappears at the end phase. So if the unit hadn't activated yet, and moved away from the wall, any models trapped would have to regain unit coherency, if they had been left by the unit.

The Napalm wall is different from the Wall of Flame resource ability in that it is impassible. Being stuck in the napalm doesn't cause additional damage outside of the initial hit, so I can see where the unit would be "pinned" in the template until the end phase.


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