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Warzone 2.0 Battle Report. Bauhaus vs Cybertronic 1,000 points.

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Well that didn't go as planned.

Mind you that is nothing new for me, I finally got the chance for a full blown 1,000 point game of 2.0 with one of the newer players in the group. He decided to give Cybertronic a try and I wanted to let my newly painted Bauhaus take the field so last Tuesday we met up for a game. We both decided to bring forces that were as much an attempt at experimentation and learning how things worked as they were proper battle groups.


Angelicka Drachen

Leopold Von Jager III (attached to the MLRS Artillery Korp squad)

10x Hussars with 2x LMG's & Motion Beacon and Tannung Kampfdoktrins.

10x Hussars with 2x ARG-17's & Motion Beacon and Heavy Weapons Training Kampfdoktrins.

6x Juggernauts.

2x Artillery Korps with Veteran Crews (1x MLRS, 1x 403-8 125mm Fieldkannon)


Doctor Diana.

5x Chasseurs with SSW5500 & Diana Neoclone

5x Chasseurs with 2x Blasters and Diana Neoclone.

10x Armour Chasseurs with 1x Blaster & 1x Rocket Launcher.

10 Mirrormen (may of had Heatswords)

1x Scorpion.

1x Atilla Mk 1.

Battle Level: Delta.

Primary Mission: Fubar (Bauhaus defending)

Bauhaus Secondary: Communications Relay
Bauhaus Corporate: The Lamb.

Cybertronic Secondary: Invasion.
Cybertronic Corporate: Corporate Insider.

The second we rolled the missions I knew I was in trouble, the force I had brought was decent enough but the Artillery Korps were a poor choice for what was essentially, a mobile fight. Not only that but my Secondary Objective was in a corner of the map on my opponents side of the table and had the potential to pull me in two different directions, this was not going to be easy.

Turn 1.
My opponent won the Initiative roll but decided to give it to me, no doubt to see what way I was going to jump, he had rolled to see which units were going to be coming in this turn and I was faced with the Chasseurs with the blasters and the Attila Mk 1 entering on his side of the board (the Attila parked itself right behind the ruined building I needed to climb for the Communications Relay). Meanwhile the other unit of Chasseurs deployed to my right and set up to cover one of the main avenues.

My first priority was to try and get firing positions for the Artillery so that I might actually get to use them, with such a tight deployment zone and difficult terrain on both flanks, plus units already closing in I opted for the simple approach and set both units up facing my opponents home edge. Mentally I wrote them off as being unable to complete the Primary, I just hoped they'd spoil his chances in the process.
I started the Juggernauts running towards the tall building, deciding to use my strongest forces in the expectation that the Attila would try to run interference, it opted instead to use the cover of the building to protect itself while trying to cut one of the smaller battlesuits down with a HMG burst. I managed a single Wound that the Juggernaut recipricated with its own HMG (though it repaired it later in the game).
The real messy part was when the Scorpion Rapid Deployed smack in the centre of my LMG equipped Hussar squad, a small scatter putting it in CCWR immediately. One of the LMG-carrying Hussars bought it from the un-burrowing while a 2nd was snipped in half by a claw after my opponent spent a RES for an extra AP.

Angelika tried to get into the combat but the difficult terrain of the ruined building meant she was going to come up short, in desperation I dropped her Distortion Device near the Attila and between it and the Juggernauts as a hedge against it advancing towards them (with hindsight, not a good idea).

Turn 2.
I again lost the Initiative and this time my opponent didn't give it up, bringing in the Mirrormen on my Right Flank alongside the Chasseur squad and the Armoured Chasseurs on the opposite edge, as I'd feared, I was getting pulled in multiple directions with few good options for what way to go.
Doctor Diana also came in on the Cybertronic home edge. The Juggernauts continued to advance on the high point but didn't use their Sturmlauf ability in case the Attila tried to intervene which meant they were slowed by the terrain, the Attila decided not to indulge though, moving across and behind the ruined structure directly in front of the Artillery Korps to support the Chasseur squad there.
The Artillery managed a shot at the squad as it moved but only managed to take out a single Chasseur, the rest making their Armour saves, the remaing LMG Hussar also tried a pot-shot but again, Cybertronic armour prevented any more casualites.

The other squad of Hussars with the ARG-17's started to move towards my own side of the table, I was still thinking I could maybe make the Primary Objective if I could just get some of my units moving but the incoming Armour Chasseurs had my worried, I was tempted to try shooting the Scorpion on my way out but I really didn't like the odds, instead I sent a couple of random bursts at the Armoured Chassuers that were wholly ineffectual, as was their return fire.
The main fight was still in the centre though with the Scorpion embroiled with the Hussars, I decided not to try and disengage for a couple of reasons, firstly I knew the damn thing was WAAAY worse in Ranged Combat then CC and I didn't want to give it the opportunity to start shooting and second, the Commander of the squad of Hussars was The Lamb! And he was in CC with it, with a little luck I could actually get my Corporate objective out of this while tying the Scorpion up (though ironically, he was also the ONLY member of the squad to fail his Fear check against it, I'm putting this down to Arachnophobia).
Unfortunately it didn't go that way, the 4 Hussars who were engaged couldn't get through the damn things Armour and it cost 2 of them their lives, the only good thing was that Angelika was able to finally get in on the action, though her attacks also failed to penetrate, despite a bit of Neurolash leeching.

Turn 3.
This time I won Initiative and I damn well held onto it, determined to get rid of that pesky Scorpion. Angelika took another lash at it and this time managed to Wound it twice while it's return strike was Dodged, shockingly however, the frightened Hussar Squad Commander managed to finish it with a Power Shot from his Combat Knife in what had to be the shock of the night. My relief at removing the Scorpion was tempered by the fact that the bloody Lamb was still alive and had killed the best chance I had for getting him removed!

The rest of his squad were taking plenty of casualties though, as the Chasseurs on the right flank, with the support of their Mirrormen compatriots started to advance and put an Anti-Personnel rocket in the window, killing 2 more Hussars.
The other squad of Hussars were almost at the table edge but were having no luck in damaging the advancing Armour Chasseurs as round after round bounced off them, only the fact that they were themselves at the edge of their range prevented them mowing down the Hussars, though 1 did fall, as cover was sparce at this point of the board.
Although they could have made a difference against the Attila I decided to continue to try and get my Secondary Objective with the Juggernauts while the Artillery Korps tried to take out the Chasseurs, closing on them. After seeing so many shots bounce off armour I decided to try and switch tactics with the MLRS and try a Chemical Round but only the Neoclone was affected (and died), likewise the Fieldkannon's shots on the Attila were easily deflected. The return fire however took two of the wounds off the crew of the Fieldkannon despite the gun shield, I began to consider buying new dice at Turn this point.

Turn 4.
Lost initiative again and the Fieldkanone was toast with the last crewmember capped by the Attila, the MLRS started taking fire but its Gun Shield held up better and it sent a fistful of rockets at the Attila, all of which bounced off the armour, the Juggernauts were climbing the building and the Hussars in the centre were free to start moving, though before they could they lost 2 more to fire from advancing Chasseurs, forcing a Pinning test which they made.
The Hussars at the edge of the board consolidated their position and switched to Anti-Vehicle Rockets against the Armoured Chasseurs with slightly more success, nailing the one equipped with the Blaster, sadly his mate scooped it up and returned the favour, dropping another Hussar. The 2nd Rocket Launcher sent a round the opposite direction in the hopes of hurting the Mirrormen with an Anti-Personnel round, it and a UBGL round from a Hussar into the Chasseurs on that flank killed a pair of each and made things feel (fractionally) less hopeless.

Turn 5.
We were running out of time at this point but some things were starting to become obvious, the MLRS took another round of fire, reducing it to a single crewmember and Leopold, who defiantly resorted to his own pistol and actually dropped to of the advancing Chasseurs, forcing a Pinning test which they failed. It wasn't enough though as my opponent had now remembered the Blink ability of the Armoured Chasseurs and had foregone attacking the Hussars at the table edge to instead press forward on the Convergence. The Juggernauts were at least 2 turns away from getting to the top of the building and although Angelika and the other Hussar Squad were now moving, it would take them about as long to get to the edge of the table, far too long.

In the end we decided that Cybertronic were going to get the Primary before me, with the Attila, Diana, one Chasseur squad and the Armoured Chasseurs all making the Convergence before I could get anything more than the Juggernauts and one Hussar squad clear. Their Secondary Mission dovetailed perfectly with the Primary guaranteeing them that too and it turned out, the Corporate Insider was Leopold, which explained the reluctance to shoot the S.O.B. Overall it was a good learning experience but a complete rollstomp too with the Missions roll definitely a major deciding factor.


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Loving the report.

Started building my first models this week - the quality and detail is fabulous....

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This is pre-2.0 right? Chasseur's can no longer take neoclone squad commanders or advisors from what I can see.

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