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Warzone 2.0 rules Grenades question

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Hi everyone,

Noob question here.We were playing today (Bauhaus vs. Mishima). At some point a Venusian Ranger (casually) fired his Grenade launcher at 5 (merry) Hatamotos who were very close to each other. The RS roll was a "1" and the SE template covered all five of them.

My question is what happens in this case? Reading the rulebook it seemed to suggest that they should all die, but it seemed a bit too much (given we were playing a 650 pts game) so we resolved it by killing the model I aimed at and rolling saves for the rest (which they succeeded in).

Were we right to interpret it like this?


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Template weapons ignore the power shot rule - check shooting with template weapons section. So all Hatamoto should've rolled their saves.

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Ok,we missed that part completely.

Thank you very much.

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