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Warzone Beta 2 Feedback

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Hi there,

I don't see much feedback about Beta so I though I will start something myself.

I just with few things, which I don't realy understand why they were solved that way.

1. p.20 Making a Ranged Attack at Engaged Models
I don't uderstand -8 mod.
Let's say I have 2 guys fighting, and I want to attack them with my Hussar.
Normally it would be 65% (13 RS) that I will hit the guy, but because he is fighting with my friend there is
25% (my 13RS - 8 mod = 5) I will hit him, and 75% (result from 6-20) I will hit my own guy.

There are so many stupid things in this rule:
- there is no way I can miss my shot
- even in fact that 2 guys same size are fighting I still have 25% to hit the one guy and 75% the one I don't want. It should be closer to 50%
- it better to shoot your own guy...

Proposal ONE:
Use no modifiers to this kind of shoot, but when range attack hits just roll who was hit randomly. So if you are in one on one situation it's 1-10 enemy, 11-20 own guy.

Proposal TWO:
When shooting into melee, just give smaller mod like -4, and let's say our Hussar is shooting again.
His RS is 13, his penalty would be let's say -4, so he is efectivly 9 RC.
1-9 hit
10-13 own guy hitted
14-20 miss

I don't uderstand idea why model who want disengage have to pass ST test (when trying to get out from bigger model). I guess you wanted some kind of test for it, but why ST? It looks like the bigger guys is holding smaller guy, and he want to get out :)
I think LD test would be more accurate to the situation, beacuse the poor small guy is just worry to turn his back to fearsome opponent.

I also don't like the Free Slash rule. In this rulling when one CC focused model is fighting with let's say 4 guys, 3 of them can just disengage without consequneces, and then just last one is risking free slash. I don't think it's smart rule. Even if CC guy will charge important target, opponent can easily just send one not so important other guy to CC and then when he activates more important squad, they can just disengage.

Proposal ONE
Everytime someone is trying to disengage, he should test his LD - 4, if failed he still disengage but is automaticly hit.

Proposal TWO
Enemy model is doing basic attack against every opponent who DISENGAGE.

3. Morale (p.26)
This one wasn't changed, I didn't like this rule in 1st edition and I don't like it now :)
So it's the rule about Pinning and Broken that you are checking loses comparing how many models you lost this turn instead of throught the game. Let's say we have unit of 12 guys, you lost 5 first turn, then 3 more and you are left with just 4 guys, and they didn't need to test LD yet. You can even lost two more one by one, and you are left with 2 guys, but they are still fine.
I never liked this rule for one more reason, it's easier in my opinion to check how many models I had at start of the game, than to remember every turn how many already died this round. It's simplier to track this in my opinion.
It was rule in (old) Warzone, so I think it could fit. You guys are making amazing models, and interesting rules but there is no shame to use good rules someone othere think of :)


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