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What comes in the solo figure boxes?

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I finally got to opening my Max Steiner and Big Bob Watts figures I purchased at Adepticon and have a few questions about them if anyone else has this issue.
1.Is it common to have so much flashing that its almost as big as the piece I was cleaning for assembly?
2.My son noticed on the back of the box it states it comes with 1 x figure, 1 x stat card, and 1 x base. I did not find any cards in the small boxes.

The figures look great after assembly and am about to prime and paint to match the boxes. Hoping to do them justice.
Just have those two concerns before I go any farther in getting this newer system. Wondering if others are experiencing the same concerns.


Assur's picture

There are no stat cards for the current version of the rules, they used to be made for the now obsolete 1.0-1.4 rules. So you got everything you should've got (model + base).

As for flash, I think there is no pattern that would apply to all Prodos models. It is my impression that they've experimented with different casting methods and resin mixtures over the years (and they still do) so some of their models will have more flash, others will have much less.

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I own a good deal of PRODOS models from both AVP and Warzone, and I am overall very pleased with the quality fo the sculpts and casts that I own.
I have had to clean some modles more than others, but I havent had any real bad offenders yet (I own probably 200 models from them).

Richard's picture

Thanks for letting me know about the card comment on the box. Just seemed like a lot of flashing. These figures look great after assembly.

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