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Where's my final order of AvP?

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So, I placed my final order of Alien Vs Predator a bit over two months ago. Actually, I placed six orders at the time and five of them have arrived (I wanted extras of the bonuses.)

The thing is, I received the first five orders nearly a month ago now. Yet the final one has not arrived yet (It has a dropship in the order, and those are made to order, so I figured a couple of extra weeks for that wouldn't be a surprise.)

Well, this last week I got to thinking it was odd that I haven't yet received my order. So I sent them a message. Not overly concerned, but wanting to know a ballpark for what to expect, was there a problem with my order, that kind of thing. However, after a week, I still haven't received a reply from them.

Other than the email to customer support, is there an effective way to contact the company? Anyone else having trouble receiving their order?

Realistically, it's the dropship and/or apc that's delaying this particular order, and I'm not overly concerned just yet, but I do find it a little troubling that I haven't received a message after my inquiry a week ago.

Hopefully I'll get a shipping notice or something in the next few days, or at the very least a message from them, but if not I'm going to start worrying.


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Looks like my order just shipped today. Still no message from them after my inquiry though.

Either way, I figure the most likely scenario is that with them needing to make the dropship specifically for the order (The item listing mentions that orders with the dropship can take a little longer since they make them when they're ordered rather than having them in stock.) before they could ship it. Considering their usual shipping speed, I should see my items inside of a week. Pretty excited about getting to assemble everything.

All in all, I've loved the game, even if it's a little sad that they never released models for some of the units in the wargame book. I think my only regrets at this point is that I could have liked a couple more Royal Guard, and there's no such thing as too many Infants/Stalkers/Warriors. In the last couple of months, I've started playing the game with my young kids. I'm looking forward to spending many years playing the game still, and odds are pretty good it will take a few years to get everything painted too.

Can't wait to see the package arrive, and I'll try to post here again just so if anyone is paying attention, there's followup.

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Just a little followup on this one:

I had sent in an inquiry to ask for information, It's been 11 days now, and I STILL haven't heard back from anyone. I'd never had issue with the customer support previously, but I'm beginning to see why a lot of people complain about poor/no communication.

On a brighter note however, my package DID arrive today. No damaged or missing content among this, or any of my other five orders during this final sale. (I split my final order up so that I could get extras of some of the items. Including six each of Dutch and Lynn (Two for me, one for each of my two boys, two for friends) and two dioramas.)

My final box of Hellhounds had about a dozen tokens, which I'm guessing happened because they had extras and were just trying to get rid of them

I should probably also note that I haven't gone through the Dropship of APC in detail yet, but I would guess everything would be there as I can't recall ever having issues with missing parts from Prodos in the past.

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