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August AvP Releases with Pre-Order diorama

This month belongs to AvP Video Games

Hot summer is upon us, but Xenomoprhs are known to be resilient - a bit of summer ray won't do them much harm. And this release is all about Aliens. And more over, it's dedicatd to Alien Versus Predator universe, especially video games. Release date for new items is 14th of August.

Evolved Warriors Set with Bonus Miniature

Alien faction is still missing a lot of HQ class miniatures other than Alien Queen. On of the less royal "leaders" of Xenomorphs are Evolved Warriors. Inspired directly by Alien Vs Predator franchise they are now part of AvP Boardgame family as UniCast miniatures. And this month's bonus miniature added to pre-order is also a very special Evolved Warrior, "Specimen 6". Bot miniatures are directly inspired by video games in their poses and elements on the scenic bases.

As a xenomorph hive grows in size, on occasion, a Warrior will mutate into a unique type of its own. Highly adaptable, these creatures are often mistaken for a standard Warrior until it is too late for their enemies. Some of them are able to spray acid at close range onto multiple enemies at once, others can camouflage their exoskeleton to blend into their surroundings to leap upon their foes, and some of them are even able to heal the most grievous of wounds almost instantly.

Evolved Warriors Set Unicast


Release date is 14th of August.

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"Specimen 6" Diorama

Pre-Order Only

"Specimen 6" Diorama is added to every pre-ordered "Evolved Warriors UniCast" set.

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"Specimen 6" in Alien Versus Predator 2010 video game

As you can see, "Specimen 6" has a long story with Weyland-Yutani Scientists. We did our best to capture this unique "bond" and turn it into great miniature. It has same scale as other Evolved Warriors, same base and share same stats. So it's fully usable in a game - both Hunt Begins and Unleashed.

Alien Praetorian

Our second new release is Alien Praetorian. It's also an UniCast miniature.


Alien Praetorian UniCast miniature


Release date is 14th of August 2018.

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New models sizing and scale

On a pictures below you can learn the both size and scale of new releases.



Scale of the models when compared to existing models.

Release date for new products is 14th of August. Until then every Pre-Order of "Evolved Warriors" come with "Specimen 6" Diorama for free.



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