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June AvP Releases are coming

New Bundles and Predator Statue

Predator Jungle Hunter Statue

This is something we have not yet done before - a collectible figurine. Over 6 inches tall Predator Jungle Hunter is a multipart resin model, featuring AvP Board Game Predator in familiar to all of Predator fans jungle environment. Each set comes with two head part options - either masked or unmasked Predator.

Predator Jungle Hunter Statue Limited Set


Release date is 29th of June 2018.

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More over, if you pre-order Jungle Hunter, you will get Pocket Edition version of the model, this is AvP Board Game scaled Jungle Hunter, made as UniCast.

Pre-Order bonus miniature

Free with Pre-order

Jungle Hunter Pre-order bonus is featuring Statue scaled down to board game scale and made with UniCast. No assembly needed, scenic base is included.

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Introducing All-New Bundles

A while ago we have introducued Alien Versus Predator Bundles. They have featured built-in discounts for various AvP Products. We decided to re-vamp them, add some special spice to them and replace the old ones. They now also include Special Miniatures and every one is 20% off when compared to buying products separately in our webstore. We got seven of them in total.

One Of Everything Bundle


Includes: all AvP models, Collector's Pick for free.

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Collector's Pick Bundle


Includes all of AvP Limited Miniatures, not available as regular products.

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UniCast Bundle


Includes all of AvP models made with UniCast technology.

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USCM Strike Force Bundle


Includes all USCM miniatures, including Limited Miniatures.

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Predator Hunter Pack Bundle


Includes: all of AvP models related to Predator faction, including Limited Minis.

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Alien Horde Bundle


Includes: all Alien AvP models with Limited Miniatures.

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Armoured Assault Bundle


Includes: all AvP vehicles and limited miniatures.

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