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Warzone 2.3.2 patch is live!

Game after game we improve the rules!

This month the Development Team are releasing a small update to the Warzone Resurrection errata, version 2.3.2. This update includes:

  • A small number of changes that were previewed for 2.3.1 but slipped through the cracks, such as the points reduction for Valmonte, or were introduced accidentally by Gremlins.
  • A redaction of the ability to mind control enemies off the board.
  • A handful of additional clarification changes, making rules such as triggering traps easier to follow. We also included some rulings from the Facebook group on matters such as Brotherhood books and the Power of the Art, as well as paying for Wolfbane rites.
  • Some balance changes, making some abilities more useful (Venusian Kaptain, Blood Berets, Simon Darius etc) while the Nova was made slightly more expensive.
  • A few changes to lay the groundwork for later rules changes and new profiles (such as the addition of the Sweep weapon ability)

We have also begun work on 2.4 although it is early days yet as this is likely to be the version that is released alongside the next major Warzone releases. Our goal is to streamline a few more rules and take another look at Illian, whilst giving a little boost to existing profiles that might be under-used in 2.3.x.

You can grab errata from our downloads section.

Warzone 2.3.2 Patch

Small things tend to make huge dufference.

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Have fun!


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