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More games with
that "sexy" style:

Crystal Of Kings

Avengers In Galactic Storm

Doom 64

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Even more:

Altered Beast - Guardians Of The Realm

Mario Kart 64

Darius Silverhawk

Gauntlet Legends GBA

The Hobbit GBA

... .

Singleplay only:

Gautlet D

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Btw. - when it comes to ultimate relaxation in
a hexfield wargame there only one which is THE must-have:
Not only does it have stunning graphics and animations but see yourself!

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This turn-based game is soo great - you can play it
with up to four friends or even coop all fron one screen!


I can also recommend Blood Bowl
- turn based for the win .. .

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A few things about videogames and their preferability:
> players dont like to have too many camera possibilities
> players want huge characters regardless of possible screen size
> players want to invite friends to play together on one screen
> players always prefer relaxing tactics gameplay
> players like good 2d graphics way more than cheap 3d
> players like such games which they can proudly present
> players dont like cheap lights

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Find someone who takes the original DOOMTROOPERS

for Genesis or Famicom game to produce a remaster?

But ... dont touch the levels - all what should be done is

doubling the pixelation of the characters and enemies plus

equip them with up-to-date animations and details and voila

- Mutant Chronicles even more is again resurrected!!!

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"Sexy" glossy style also not undesirable.

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This game:
most innovative and pure simplicity!
(Much cooler than MegaMan Battle Network!)
If i had any disclaimer rights for MC ...
this game style offers megatons
of entertainment - just saying!


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The 0.5 version on Steam doesnt work for me
but heres a crackversion (0.3):

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We thought why not find some of the really cool and HD wallpapers for Fortnite that could be used in iPhone, Android, PC, Mac and Desktop.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

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