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More games with
that "sexy" style:

Crystal Of Kings

Avengers In Galactic Storm

Doom 64

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Even more:

Altered Beast - Guardians Of The Realm

Mario Kart 64

Darius Silverhawk

Gauntlet Legends GBA

The Hobbit GBA

... .

Singleplay only:

Gautlet D

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Btw. - when it comes to ultimate relaxation in
a hexfield wargame there only one which is THE must-have:
Not only does it have stunning graphics and animations but see yourself!

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This turn-based game is soo great - you can play it
with up to four friends or even coop all fron one screen!


I can also recommend Blood Bowl
- turn based for the win .. .

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A few things about videogames and their preferability:
> players dont like to have too many camera possibilities
> players want huge characters regardless of possible screen size
> players want to invite friends to play together on one screen
> players always prefer relaxing tactics gameplay
> players like good 2d graphics way more than cheap 3d
> players like such games which they can proudly present
> players dont like cheap lights

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Find someone who takes the original DOOMTROOPERS

for Genesis or Famicom game to produce a remaster?

But ... dont touch the levels - all what should be done is

doubling the pixelation of the characters and enemies plus

equip them with up-to-date animations and details and voila

- Mutant Chronicles even more is again resurrected!!!

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"Sexy" glossy style also not undesirable.

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This game:
most innovative and pure simplicity!
(Much cooler than MegaMan Battle Network!)
If i had any disclaimer rights for MC ...
this game style offers megatons
of entertainment - just saying!


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The 0.5 version on Steam doesnt work for me
but heres a crackversion (0.3):

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