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Still Missing KS. Time to contact chase.

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Well I've had it. I'm contacting my back to get my money back. I'll file a dispute. Prodos, you've handle your business horribly. I can handle having to wait almost 3 years for my product. I get it, kickstarts are hard, things take time. But, I cannot stand the disorganization and lack of communication on your part. You don't respond to any of my emails. When I went to gencon two years back and you were giving out copies of the game to people who had kickstarted the game, I asked the man at the booth for mine and he said he had no record of my purchase. I go onto your website and cannot find the pledge I purchased from you (NOTE I bought the pledge after kickstarter ended from prodos), my transaction history is gone. I have a bank statement though which shows you took my money. So clearly we have some kind of issue but you refuse to work with me. So, I'm pulling out. I'm really disappointed and anyone who reads this take it as a warning of the kind of business prodos is. Three years later and I still have nothing? Yeah, I'm done.


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First I've seen of this problem, though Prodos aren't even delivering on KS pledges they *do* have a record of!

Not much I can suggest here unfortunately. If you bought this after the Kickstarter closed through the Prodos webstore I'm pretty sure it counts as a pre-order though so you should actually have much clearer legal rights under consumer protection. Good luck!

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Have you managed to sort this, Joe?

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Lol, those online services are terrible almost everywhere.
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So update us if you tackled the issue.

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you don't appear to be the only person waiting 3 years for product.

Prodos have one of, if not the worst name for this that i ever hear in gaming circles / forums. you would think that they would be doing everything to sort people out who are STILL awaiting parcels from them instead of selling V2 with what seems to be a care free / couldn't give a s**t attitude towards their unhappy KS backers.

if it were me i'd be banging on the doors to their UK address and demanding products there and then. Prodos would do well to remember that taking money off people and not sending them what they paid for is a criminal offence, and just because we are gamers, it doesn't make it right or legal to do so.

wouldn't be so bad if there were statements from them about this, but i can't seem to find any on here.

plus have you noticed how the address is UK, but the phone number isn't.

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Prodos is based in Poland. They did have a small satellite UK setup at the time of the Kickstarter but my understanding is that was wrapped up a while ago.

Those Kickstarter backers who have reported delivery say it's come straight from Poland.

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if that's the case why does it say at the bottom of every page they are in Warwick?

another misleading piece of info.

wherever they are they are still not sorting people out whose money they have had for 3+ years. scandalous IMHO.

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