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M577 Armoured Personnel Carrier rolls into pre-orders

Here it comes - one of most famous sci-fi vehicles of all time!

M577 Armoured Personnel Carrier is second vehicle we add to AvP Universe next to UD4L Cheyenne Dropship. Made as multi part resin model comes as faithful 28mm scaled model that will fit your AvP Collection perfectly. Miniature is also designed to work with AvP Unleashed expansion book - APC is ready to play using wargame expansion. Pre-orders start now, shipping will commence 17th of August 2017.

M577 Armoured Personnel Carrier

83.99 USD 59.99 GBP 66.99 EUR

The M577 is designed to be a multi-role vehicle. Despite being well-armed and armoured, this lightweight vehicle can be deployed rapidly into any theatre of war.

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Every APC preordered on our webshop comes with two free dead aliens UniCast miniatures.


Gacu666's picture

Great looking model!

One question though, will it fit in the dropship :) ?

madmek's picture

Cool stuff! when do we get some promethus hybrids? or Alien covenant neomorphs? and colonists would be awesome to!

Impavide's picture

Will the APC fit in the bay of the dropship model? (If so, ill be making a purchase :D)

GateKeeper's picture

Don't have the dropship yet, but I DID order up two of these. They look incredible. Once they arrive, I'd be happy to get some measurements off of them to see if they would fit in the dropships if anyone wanted to get those dimensions? Either way I'll be adding a couple of dropships to my collection eventually.

That said, if they DO fit, then that's pretty awesome both for the optics, and for storage implications.

Gacu666's picture

I've got word from Prodos (on FB page somewhere) that in fact they do not fit.

GateKeeper's picture

That's a bummer, but still good to know. Guess my APCs get to sit next to my Dropships on the shelf.

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