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Announcing new technology in miniature industry

For almost 3 years now, Prodos Games is setting standards in resin casting in the industry. Being the biggest resin manufacturer in the world, we are able to experiment with technology on day to day basis to deliver not only level of quality and detail unachievable for other manufacturers, but also to offer new solutions for our customers. Our latest development is called Prodos UniCast technology.

The vast majority of miniatures cast today either require some assembly from the end user or they are manufactured in such a simplified way that details are lost. As manufacturers who love this hobby, UniCast solves all of those issues.

What is UniCast?

UniCast is a unique combination of plastic injection manufacturing process combined with traditional utherene resin casting. Thanks to this manufacturing solution, Prodos has managed to achieve resin-like miniatures quality that is manufactured in standard injection cycle time.

This technology allow us to reduce tools manufacturing lead time versus PVC or HIPS tools, from 2-3 months to 2-3 weeks! Quality of the cast is equal to resin miniatures and overall costs of miniature manufacturing are lower when compared to other processes, as per table below.

The UniCast process allows Prodos to manufacture pieces in any shape with no limitations on undercuts.

PVC vs UniCast comparison.

Gears of War miniature shown only for comparison purpose. On left Gears of War PVC miniature on the right Space Crusade Nyx miniature manufactured using Prodos UniCast.

Other examples of miniatures manufactured using Prodos UniCast:

Here is an example of a bespoke automotive part manufactured by Prodos using the UniCast manufacturing solution.

List of board games utilising UniCast process for miniatures manufacturing:

  • Space Crusade – in development, 06.2016
  • Alien vs Predator TM – in development not announced yet, 2016
  • 2 other board games, not announced yet - 2016

If you would like to get your board game miniatures manufactured using UniCast, contact us at:


Radegast's picture

Awesome news! congratulations guys! hope this will lead you to top of market in industry.

BlueVixen's picture

Oookay, it's late and my semi-functional brain's tired... would resin minis cast up with this tech require the regular resin wash-up in order for the paint to stick on?

Michal_Pawlaczyk's picture

There is no need to wash the models. Cheers!

BlueVixen's picture

Thank you!

Natakue's picture

I know you guys said that it is only for one piece but what if you want to use this to make sprues for miniatures? Can you do that and is the price the same?

Kadmon's picture

This was interesting! I've linked this in my article about casting miniatures -

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