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March Releases of Warzone Resurrection

This month belongs to single characters.

This month we are happy to announce two new releases for Warzone Resurrection 2.0. Release date for a new items is 24th of March.



11.50 USD 9.99 GBP 11.30 EUR

Within the ranks of the Capitol AFC, exists a group set apart of the normal command structure. Dubbed Wolverines, these formidable soldiers are expert tacticians, stealth combatants, as well as ferocious warriors. Trained to lead their forces into the most dangerous situations, these individuals refuse to back down even when confronted with impossible odds.

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Sean Gallagher

11.50 USD 9.99 GBP 11.30 EUR

With nothing to tie him down, his devotion to the Wolfbane way of life and martial prowess is recognized by his rank of Commander Chieftain. So charismatic is Sean’s attitude that when he fights, his new kinsmen fight with the same unshaking determination.

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