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Prodos Games at UK Games Expo 2017

Once again we are visiting Birmingham

Prodos Games is pleased to announce its presence at UK Games Expo 2017. Like with every other show we are attending, we bring a lot of unique miniatures and special offers with us!

UK Games Expo 2017 Limited Miniature    

The Expo Dragon meets world of Alien Vs Predator in our limited Diorama. Every purchase of 45 GBP or more is rewarded with Expo Dragon for free!

20% off on all products

Simple as that - all items are 20% off by default. Regardless of product's range, amount or value - 20% is a guarantee.

Cheyenne Dropship

We are bringing with us Cheyenne Dropship - a 41 cm long resin model of legendary VTOL from "Aliens". 28mm scale, will fit perfectly your AvP miniatures colelction.

"Get Bigger" Set

With every Cheyenne Dropship we add AvP Unleashed book. Hard cover, 128 pages long set of rules allowing you to use Cheyenne Dropship in wargame version of AvP The Hunt Begins.

New Warzone Releases

We are bringing with us Capitol Bully and Emancipator Aircraft. With every purchase of those you will receive Limited Edition Miniature!

Kickstarter Collection

If you are AvP backer and you are going to UK Games Expo this year, drop us an e-mail! Send us your pledge information to special e-mail:

Click to send us e-mail


and you will be able to collect your pledge (with items available at this moment) on the show itself! Deadline for sending e-mails is Sunday 28th of May 2017. Do not forget bringing some ID with you!

Our Location

Our booth is J23, located in Hall 1:


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